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WellBeing Astrology has developed an International following for quality readings plus discussion on astrological concepts applied to modern human lives. This Astrology Guide focuses on - "What's On" for the coming year. Includes in-depth insights into the signs: Wealth, House + Family, Creativity + Children, Relationships, Travel, Friendships, Spirituality and Planetary Cycles, Book Reviews. Sun Sign Predictions - understanding your full potential; Eastern Influences: Chinese Astrology and your compass directions for the year ahead; Moon Phases and Your Personality; Planetary Influences and Alignments for the coming year; Astrological insight using celebrities - common elements of achievement; "Astrology Defined" Glossary - A simple astro-dictionary to help you speak the language of the stars.

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Publisher: Universal Magazines

ISSN: 1832-813X
Categories: Lifestyle

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