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THE WALRUS launched in September 2003 with a straightforward mandate: to be a national general interest magazine about Canada and its place in the world. We are committed to presenting the best work by the best writers and artists from Canada and elsewhere, on a wide range of topics for curious readers. WHEN THE WALRUS began its development, its founders wanted to create a smart, distinctly Canadian general interest magazine. They also wanted to dissociate this country with the "log chomping" and "earnestness" of our national animal (and cliché), the beaver. Enter the tusked mammal - an arctic icon they viewed as curmudgeonly but clever, bulky but agile (if only in water). It was an eccentric but sensical choice, they thought-the perfect namesake for a publication with enough intellectual heft, confidence, and wit to dig deeply into matters vital to Canadians. Like its animal counterpart, which swims with unexpected grace, The Walrus thrives in its niche environment. It is Canada's best, most awarded magazine-the industry's elegant heavyweight. The Walrus brings Canadians stories that are engaging, important and original; in doing so, it is proving itself the "fun beast" of its founders' vision.

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Publisher: Walrus

ISSN: 1708-4032
Categories: News & Politics; Travel & Regional

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