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The Tasting Panel Magazine is the most widely circulated trade publication in the beverage industry, reaching an audience of thousands of key decision-makers every month and growing on an international scale. Manning the ship is renowned wine and spirits veteran Anthony Dias Blue as Editor-in-Chief and longtime wine and spirits Publisher and Editorial Director Meridith May. With their expertise, experience and esteem, they collectively have their finger on the pulse of the beverage Industry, making for one of the most informative and cutting edge publications focusing on beverages, the beverage trade and the people who make the industry tick. Regular features include: "Blue Reviews" and "Publisher's Picks" authoritative scores and reviews of wines and spirits: "Industry Spotlight," highlighting innovators and leaders: and "Brand Spotlight."

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Publisher: M Dash Publishing

ISSN: 2153-0122; 2153-0165
Categories: Food & Cooking

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