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MODERN Magazine looks at the rich and fascinating world of design in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It takes a fresh and intelligent approach as it examines buildings and interiors, furniture and objects, craft and art-delving into the creative process and offering sage advice for both the seasoned and novice collector or connoisseur. The magazine's content ranges from beautifully photographed features on interiors to intimate looks at the lives and work of the designers who make and furnish them. MODERN profiles the design pioneers who made us modern and looks at contemporary creators-often revealing long-forgotten work or still-to-be-discovered talent. Lovers of design will find both information and inspiration in interviews with and articles by curators, dealers, scholars, and experts - in articles that are both authoritative and yet entirely accessible.

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Publisher: ARTnews Ltd

ISSN: 2154-4190
Categories: Art & Design

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