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Biosphere is a fantastic resource for staff and students alike. It allows readers to stay informed and educated about the latest scientific research from the natural world. Biosphere is diverse and covers topics from conservation to behaviour, ecology to evolution. Many students testify that they use Biosphere as a resource for their exams and coursework. The research from technical scientific journals is accumulated into Biosphere and brought to life through energetic writing and creative story telling, allowing the reader to enjoy the subject and therefore learn more. Articles are written by practicing scientists, often the very ones behind the research in question, offering a unique insight to real work. The magazine also provides a fantastic example of science communication, as well as allowing the opportunity for staff and students to engage with producing content, broadening their outreach skills and increasing the profile of your University. Articles are current and up to date, based on papers from the previous month, including a round up of short news stories from every wildlife-science sector so you never miss a thing.

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Publisher: BIOSPHERE

ISSN: 2059-0296
Categories: Science & Technology

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