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Winner of Parents' Choice Awards®, BAZOOF! is a health and creativity niche magazine that specializes in publishing youth work. It is set in a bustling city in outer space, educating readers on nutrition, fitness, positive self-image, character development, bullying, online safety, community service, eco-education and more. Includes short stories written by youth with a mix of fiction and nonfiction. BAZOOF! deepens understanding of good health in these growing years leading to habits that can last a lifetime. Takes youth a step past reading through many hands-on activities. A one-of-a-kind publication that becomes a favorite in any library or classroom setting! Live Healthy. Build Character. Express Yourself. Best suited for ages 8-12.

Get a digital magazine subscription of BAZOOF! for your library, school or business which your patrons, students & employees can read on-the-go.

Publisher: Dream Wave Publishing Inc.

ISSN: 2369-6389; 2369-6397
Categories: Family & Kids

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