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Acres U.S.A. is the only national magazine that offers a comprehensive guide to sustainable agriculture. Drawing on knowledge accumulated in more than 40 years of continuous publication, we bring our readers the latest techniques for growing bountiful, nutritious crops and healthy, vibrant livestock. A glance at any issue is enough to see why sustainable farming - we call it "eco-agriculture" because it's both ecological and economical - represents the real revolution in scientific food cultivation. Our readers rely on the information they find in Acres U.S.A. Most of every issue is written by people who practice what they preach - farmers, ranchers, consultants, vets and researchers with years of experience in the science of sustainable farming. A typical article doesn't spend a lot of time on theory. Instead you will find practical, hands-on information you can immediately put to work on your farm or garden.

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Publisher: Acres U.S.A.

ISSN: 1076-4968
Categories: Lifestyle; Science & Technology

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