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Welcome to Flipster!

Flipster makes your library’s most popular and sought-after magazines available digitally for your patrons, via your library’s website. We have put together the following welcome pack for you to learn how Flipster works, and how best to spread the word to your patrons.


Print-on-demand marketing materials. Colorful and engaging materials can help you spread the word about Flipster to your library staff and patrons. Print and hang these posters around your institution or library for maximum impact.

Tent Cards and Rack Cards

Print and place these tent cards at the reference desk, on tables, or at computer workstations around the library.

Guides and Handouts

Printable Labels

Adhere these labels to your print magazines to spread the word about Flipster to your administrators, library staff, students, or patrons. Choose from four popular Avery label layouts below. The label number should correspond to the number on the front of the label package or at the bottom of the label sheets.

Banners and Logos

Use these colorful ads, icons, and logos on your website to promote Flipster and link users to the service. .Zip file includes:

  • Web Ad (Rectangle 180x150)
  • Web Ad (Square 125x125)
  • Web Ad (Vertical 120x240)
  • Web Ad (Banner 728x90)
  • Icon (round, square 100x100 px, square 250x250 px)
  • Flipster Logo (.EPS, .GIF, .TIF, .PNG, .JPG)

Flipster Carousel

Personalize your library’s homepage with a custom Flipster carousel. It’s a great way to dress up your library website and let patrons know about Flipster. Click here to submit a request to add this to your EBSCO Platform and begin showcasing your favorite magazines.

Sample Press Release Copy

Announce the availability of Flipster to your customers with this sample text.

Sample Social Media Posts

Use the following text to announce Flipster on your institution’s social media channels.

  • Did you know that you can read digital magazines through [INSERT LIBRARY NAME] using #Flipster? [link to library website]
  • Get instant access to the most popular magazines through [INSERT LIBRARY NAME] with #Flipster. Learn how: [link to library website]
  • The magazines you know and love are now available to browse, select & read through [INSERT LIBRARY NAME] with #Flipster [link to library website]
  • Now available at [INSERT LIBRARY NAME]! #Flipster offers top magazines designed for easy readability on mobile devices. [link to library website]
  • Flipping through a digital magazine is fun and easy using #Flipster! [link to library website]

Flipster Video

Post this video on your website, or send the link to customers in an email campaign or newsletter.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Launch

  1. Include an announcement about Flipster in your next library newsletter, and link to Flipster on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to help spread the word.
  2. Have your library staff review the below videos and training materials so they are equipped to answer customer questions.
  3. Print and have on hand the getting started guide, faqs, and system requirements at the front desk.
  4. Hang Flipster posters in the library by the print magazines and by the computers.
  5. Create a dedicated landing page for Flipster on your library’s website.

Video and PowerPoint Tutorials

Need help preparing for an upcoming training session for your administrators, library staff, students, or patrons on Flipster? Our video tutorials provide audio narration with matching text to guide users on how to use Flipster. Our accompanying PowerPoint versions offer the same helpful information in slides.

Looking for more Flipster Support materials?

Visit EBSCO Help for additional information on how how to view magazines, search, and more within Flipster

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