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Use the Flipster app, available through the iTunes store for iOS devices and on the Google Play store for Android phones and tablets, to download magazines for offline reading.

Flipster Apple App Store

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Flipster Apple App Store

Flipster Google Play Store

Digital Magazines on mobile devices

From the White House to your Living Room

Flipster offers news magazines that connect users with the latest stories on global economics, politics and current events. With insightful excerpts from distinguished journalists, scholars and world figures, these popular magazines will ensure your users always have the most up to date articles in the palms of their hands.

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Digital Magazines on mobile devices

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Curl up and get comfortable. With Flipster you can read the latest issues of your favorite digital magazines on any mobile device.


Flipster is easy to use and available through your library’s website. You can view magazines through your Internet browser, or you can use the Flipster app to download and read digital magazines offline.
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